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Hi everyone, I am Leon Lim. Welcome to my site.

You have a website. Do you think on a non-lucky day, your site is down? All your database disappears.

Look like your site got hacked.

Look like your site just went kaput.

What can you do? Nothing.

Unless you backup your website.

Of course, if you have a website you would have heard many people mention need to backup data. They show you how to do step by step by step. But easier said than done, you fell like you are following alien language. So a miss is as good as a mile you lost everything and have to begin it all over again.

Or you backup your database but you do not frequently do this. You can not set up the date and time for doing it.

In this post, I want to introduce you to a product that can solve those problems for you and it does more than that.

It sounds amazing, right?

The product is SiteSync.



  • Easy of Use
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Value For Money
  • Support


- Cloud-base app
- No technical skill required
- User-friendly interface
- Powerful at backing up the sites
- Backup and restore all you need automatically
- Support is relatively slow
- You need to install plugin to use

Now, let read my SiteSync Review to know more about this fantastic tool.

SiteSync Review – Overview

Product Name: SiteSync

Product Creator: Neil Napier et al

Discount Price: $37

Sale Page: Click here                                                                                                                                         

Product type: Web app    

Target niche: Backup, Website management

Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Recommended: Highly recommended

Support: Effective Response

Who is Neil Napier?

I think you don’t want to buy a product if you do not now who is the author.

So, here he is:


He is a successful marketer. On August 2013, he established KV Social with the idea of offering full suites of social media marketing solutions for all types of businesses. Now, he had more and more launched product such as InstaSuite,  Adconect, Wp Contentio,… They are helpful for many marketers in the world. I am looking forward the products in the future.

What is SiteSync?

SiteSync takes backups of your website…WordPress, HTML, FTP, all kinds of sites. With a single click, you can download and restore sites as well. Now, you can easily backup your site daily. You just set up a campaign and never have to think about losing your data. The product will do all for you.


How does it work?

I will show you how SiteSync wok. It is very simple.

  • Firstly, you log in to SiteSync with your email address and your password. You will have them when your purchase is confirmed. Now, you will see the dashboard with many options such as FTP, WordPress, Plugin, Space taken, Html and manual.

  • Then you click on Back up your Web Site.

  • And click on My Site to add your website

  • Secondly, you choose your method you wish. There are three methods: WordPress plugin, Ftp and Manual

  • Later, you select recurency. I recommend you choose daily.

  • Finally, your website backed up. You can select archive to download your backup if you want

The SiteSync is very simple, right? You can watch through here:

What Are Featured of SiteSync?

You are want to an honest SiteSync Review, then congratulation, you are right the place. Today, I will show you the typical featured of SiteSync and its price.

Get-SiteSyncBasic       Get-SiteSyncelite                        Get-SiteSyncPro









You see, there are three choices depending on your needs. The options are quite similar, they differ in the number of websites you can back up.

You can:

  • Backup, Download and Restore entire FTP Sites.
  • Backup, Download and Restore entire WordPress Sites & Plugins.
  • Backup, Download and Restore entire HTML Sites.
  • 50GB storage

Of course, the pro package will have more incentives. In addition to the above, you will have:

  • 24×7 Website Monitoring.
  • Automatic Notification in case Website/Server is Down.
  • 5 Team member license.
  • Unlimited Client Developer License.

If you are a newbie, you can choose the basic package with maximum 5 sites you can back up.

If you are the pro, of course,  you can the pro or elite package depending on your capabilities.

I recommend you choose the elite package, it suits more people. But you can buy pro package if you have 5 friends. You and your friends can share this package. Each person will only take $13.4/year that can use the good functions that basic and pro plan do not have. I think it is a fair price.


Wait, SiteSync has more useful features. It is VideoSync if you want to backup your video channels.


Get-SiteSyncvideo                                      Download-SynSiteVideo









If you are a video marketer, I think you must have this. You and your friend should use it.

And if you have a lot of document on your computer, you want to upload them to cloud. You can try it


Get-SiteSyncstorage       Download-SiteSyncStorage









I think your documents are increasing day by day so I suggest you select $97 per year. It has a better price and you can upload frequently with it.




If you are interested in marketing or only want to have more storage for your video, your document, SiteSync is the right tool for you. This software will process most of the hard works for you, so now you don’t worry about losing your data. If there is a tool which can do everything for us, why should we ever miss it?








I hope my SiteSync review has provided you with enough information to make your best buying decision.

Thank you for reading my review. See you later!




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